Zaron Makeup products

Bronze Goddess Nigeria is a distributor and retailer of Zaron cosmetics located in Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria. We stock all Zaron products and sell them only at company prices so you will get the products at the most competitive prices.

The products include:

Pressed powder

Loose powder


eyeshadows – duo, trio, quad

eyeshadow and blush pallette

duo blush

mascara, kajal, liquid eyeliner, lip pencils, eye pencils

Lip gloss, lip balm, makeup brush and facebook

The Zaron Experience….

zaron distributor in nigeria

zaron distributor in nigeria

zaron distributor in nigeria

zaron distributor in nigeria

zaron distributor in nigeria

The lip pencil acts like a lip stick by providing a matte, long-lasting finish.

zaron distributor in nigeria

zaron distributor in nigeria

zaron distributor in nigeria

zaron distributor in nigeria

zaron distributor in nigeria

24 thoughts on “Zaron Makeup products

  1. Pls how does the colour numbering of Zaron products work? For example, I notice that the Zaron concealer is labelled as PZ or NZ with some numbers, what does this mean as regards complexion and undertones (warm or cool).
    Also where can I get Zaron products in Abuja? Thanks

    • Hi, the code you should memorize in Zaron are the numbers. I do not know any Zaron distributor in Abuja but you could check Zaron website for list of distributors in your area.


  2. Zaron products r reali 9ic nd beautiful 4 black women nd women of colour. Keep it up.pls is dere zaron branch in kaduna?am a distributor I nid 2 buy sum more products nd am out of abj.

  3. Hello am a make up artiste,I need zaron brow filler,the powder pallet,the duo mascara&liner.I will like to know the price of the listed products.u can get on 07081267156 pls make sure u contact me

  4. Wher can I get zaron makeup products to buy in abuja? I relocated from lagos to abuja and I do not seem to know wher to get dese zaron products 4rm because this is the only product that suits me well. Please can u get back to me on dis no 08094254388.plz I’m waitng

  5. pls im based in benin and i will like to buy the eyeshadow and blush compact, eyebrow powder;liquid eyeliner and the 12 pallete powder; this are my numbers 07030486277 and 08122033036; pls text me on how i can pay for them and how to get delivery. Thanks. irene. i await for ur reply

  6. Am a makeup artist pls i want to know how much u sell your Zaron pallete.. Single and 2 in 1…. Ur brow powder and your eyeshdow pallete.. Also how can i locate you.. Pls i need them tomorrow.. Call me on… 08038715041:: pls am waiting for ur reply……

  7. Good day, pls am a make up artiste.. How much can I get a zaron 12 plate powder? Thanks… And how can I reach u! You reach me on 07035557064.

  8. Hello, good day…! Am a make up artiste.. How much do u sell your zaron 12 plate powder? And how can I get it too… Thanks please kindly drop your contact number as well. So I can reach you! Or call me on 07035557064

  9. Pls am a makeup artist, I use most of zaron product, I want to get intourch pls call u send me ur no. Or call 08064834554

Pls to order products, type product name, quantity & location & phone number & we will get back to you on shipment & payment option. Or You could leave a comment. Thanks

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